Unique and Better -- Premier ErgoWorkStep

For literally millions of jobs today, the work to be done is higher than can be done safely while standing on the ground. Somehow, people need to get a small “step” higher to do the job safely. Many have found that small ladders and products intended for occasional use are not suitable, even unsafe, for a large number of these working situations.

The Premier ErgoWorkStep family of products addresses this need directly. It is truly different from any other products on the market. Currently in the third generation, each incorporates a wide range of features for ergonomics, safety, and durability not available elsewhere.

Built around a common large work surface at 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 inch working heights, the ErgoWorkStep has become a “go to” favorite serving needs across a wide range of jobs in a wide range of industries.

The stable structure supports 500 pounds. Huge bottom anti-skid pads keep the unit stable in harsh working conditions. Shock absorbing and tactile balance features not only help avoid accidents, but make every day jobs less tiring by lowering stress on legs and feet. Longer term positive benefits to both health and morale are real and significant.

For other “Working at Height” needs, Premier’s custom engineering group can develop an entirely new “ground up” design incorporating these same features.

Benefits Table
Features Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Premier Plastics
Large, ergonomic top and step surfaces
Highly durable bottom anti-skid surfaces
Intuitive tactile feedback for safety
Shock absorbing design saves knees and ankles
Suitable for harshest working conditions
Premium components for great value
Optional features for railings and wheels