About Us

A subsidiary of Premier Plastics, Inc., ErgoWorkStep has been leading the ergonomic work step market for forty years. 

The current ErgoWorkStep product line is the third major generation.  In partnership with customers, ErgoWorkStep continues the problem solving tradition with new and unique capabilities under development.

Hundreds of major companies use ErgoWorkStep products in thousands of sites both in the US and internationally.  Hundreds more smaller companies find the products just as valuable in their operations as well. 

Premier Plastics Heritage 

For many years, Premier Plastics has partnered with customers to turn challenges into opportunities.  ErgoWorkStep was founded in creative problem solving for an individual customer. A unique blend of several sets of important goals turned into a seamless, highly cost effective design.  Through years of hard use and delivering real ergonomic benefits day by day, the product family now known as ” ErgoWorkStep” has become an essential part of a wide variety of jobs today.

Also importantly, through continuing relationships with many ErgoWorkStep customers, the working knowledge of how product and people perform together drives an ongoing improvement process of regular refinements and product extensions.

The same “design forward” approach to customers has built a typical relationship that spans many years and multiple products.  Knowledge gained and lessons learned turn into improved design approaches and better product performance.

 Premier Plastics Innovative Design

Shown visually below, the iterative cycle of testing ideas and possible approaches against design goals, is a highly creative process that leads to new answers that can break the traditional mold.  The ErgoWorkStep products are just one example.  There are many others.

From engineered plastics for higher performance and paint like finishes, to highly cost effective custom systems for manufacturing supply chains using low cost commodity plastics, Premier’s experience brings a true problem solving approach to a customer need.  With a broad range of design, process and material choices available, our designers genuinely seek to add value rather than just redo what’s been done before.

Our Premier Plastics team would welcome an opportunity to work with new and existing customers on creative problem solving opportunities in the ErgoWorkStep product line space or beyond.