Perhaps the greatest testimonial for any product, including ErgoWorkStep, is when a person who has used ErgoWorkStep in a previous job requests that a new employer supply it for them in their new position.    That happens time and time again.  Although usually not able to comment publicly, workplace safety and operational teams have chosen ErgoWorkStep in evaluation after evaluation.  Some individual comments follow: 

“I have tried multiple types and manufacturers of steps over many years at our plant and none of them have the durability and most importantly the slip resistance of your stools. From a safety perspective I prefer your stools over all others because they do not slide on our wet and sometimes slippery floors.”

“Safety for our employees is important to us the anti-slip surface and the rubber pads on the bottom of the steps insures that these steps stay in place. Our employees love these steps and prefer to use these over any other step that we have tried in the past.”


“Your steps are a game changer for our mechanics and they are definitely a lot less tired after working on your steps all day versus other products that are available.”

“Ergo Work Steps are the perfect manufacturing step to reach tall assemblies. Customers prefer the comfort of these steps over rolling ladders and other work platforms which do not provide ergonomic comfort. I highly recommend Ergo Work Steps to anyone with employees who need to be elevated to perform tasks or assemblies.”